NDIS Acronyms

Our easy-to-read guide to NDIS terms


The NDIS has its own vocabulary, which can be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t take too long to start learning the lingo. If you ever need something explained, just contact our friendly Support Coordinators.

HINT: the site map (bottom of the screen on NDIS homepage www.ndis.gov.au) can be handy to navigate around the NDIS website.

NDIS Acronym NDIS Meaning
AAT Administration Appeal Tribunal who you appeal to if unsatisfied after RoRD
ADL Activities of Daily Living
AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis
Agency Managed NDIA pays providers directly
ARF Access Request Form
ART Access Review Team
ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder
AT Assistive Technology
Ax Assessment
BOC Behaviours of Concerns
CaNS Care and Needs Scale
CHAP Comprehensive Health Assessment Programme
CoC Change of circumstances or now even CoC (change of circumstances)
COI Conflict of interest
CP Clinical Psychologist (or Cerebral Palsy)
CSN Complex Support Needs
Delegate Person with authority to make an NDIS decision
Dx Person with authority to make an NDIS decision
EP Exercise Physiologist
EOI Expression of interest
FA Fully accessible (SDA Category)
FCA Functional Capacity Assessment
FOI Freedom of Information
HPS High Physical Supports (SDA category)
IA Independent Assessment
IL Improved Livability (SDA category)
ILO Individual Living Options
LAC Local Area Coordinator
MTA Medium Term Accommodation
NAT National Access Team
NDIA National Disability Insurance Agency (The Agency who administers the NDIS)
NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme
OG Operational Guideline
OT Occupational Therapist
Participant Portal Also called “MyPlace”, which links to MyGov. This gives access to update details, view your Plan, view expenditure and, if self managed, claim funds
PBSP Positive Behaviour Support Plan
Planner NDIA employee who writes the Plan. They may or may not be a Delegate
PM Plan Manager
PP Periodic payment (of transport funding)
PCR Psychosocial Recovery Coach
Psych Psychologist
PT Personal Trainer
PWD Person (or People) with Disability
Q & S Commission Quality & Safeguards Commission
QCAT Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
R & N Reasonable and Necessary
RC Recovery Coach
Robust SDA Design Category
RoRD Review of a reviewable decision aka s100 or internal review
s48 Review Unscheduled (early) plan review request
s100 Review Section 100 review aka RoRD or internal review
SC Support Coordinator aka Coordinator of Supports (CoS)
SDA Specialist Disability Accommodation
SIL Supported Independent Living
SSC Specialist Support Coordinator
STA Short Term Accommodation
SW Support Worker
Sx Symptoms
Tx Treatment
WHODAS World Health Organisation Disability Assessment Schedule
YPIRAC Younger Person in Residential Aged Care

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